#RichKids of Beverly Hills Exclusive Clip: Jonny Goes On The Worst. Tinder Date. Ever

Roxy seems to have had some luck dating a guy that one time on Facebook, however, Jonny Drubel hasn’t been quite so lucky in the online dating department. In this clip from Sunday’s all new episode of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, Jonny goes on a date with a dude he met on Tinder, and let’s just say its a good thing that he had EJ there as a buffer because things escalate real quick. Jonny’s date calls him ugly! Who does that?!

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Watch the exclusive clip above to see Johnny go HAM on that d-bag, and tune into RKOBH Sunday at 10pm on E! Is this the worst date you’ve ever seen? Was the guy just being rude? Tweet us @OKMagazine.

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