#RichKids of Beverly Hills Preview: Morgan Stewart Talks To Her Mom About (Finally) Getting a Job

Up until now, most of what we’ve seen the #RichKids of Beverly Hills do on their show is shop, go to Cabo, and move into $3.2 million apartments. But that all changes with Sunday’s all new episode, where some of the girls start getting jobs! Roxy Sowlaty is busy with her interior design business and Dorothy Wang is picking up a bit of work here and there, so Morgan Stewart finally realizes that maybe it’s time she too start working. Good idea, Morgan.

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In this EXCLUSIVE clip, Morgan has a chat with her mom, Susan, about how she thinks she’s ready to start a career. But narrowing down her options seems a bit more difficult…

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Watch the clip above to find out what career path Morgan settles on (for now) and why, and tune into an all new #RichKids Sunday at 10pm on E!

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