Watch Seth Rogen And James Franco Hang Out In NYC After Canceling All Press Appearances For The Interview

You may have heard about this little movie Seth Rogen and James Franco are co-starring in called The Interview. In the film, their characters, both journalists, are hired to kill North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Ung. Of course, North Korea is mad that this film was made in the first place, and they’re allegedly the suspects in the Sony Hack of 2014, which released the movie online as well as tons of dirty secrets about the production company, its films, and its high-level employees.

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Anyway, the hackers have since threatened a 9/11-like attack on any theater that plays the movie when it comes out starting on Christmas Day, so in light of these threats, Seth and James have canceled all their press appearances from here on out. They’ll no longer be attending their scheduled appearances on The Tonight Show, Watch What Happens Live, or Late Night With Seth Meyers!

Still, before these threats escalated, the guys were in NYC earlier this week to do GMA and some other morning shows, so watch the video above to see Seth and James behind the scenes. This might be your last chance to see them together in who even knows how long?!

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