'How Dare You?'

Exclusive: Taylor Swift ENRAGED By Ed Sheeran's Relationship With 'Enemy' Katy Perry As Her Squad Crumbles

No wonder Taylor Swift has been MIA, she’s losing all her friends! A source told OK! exlusively that yet another former BFF is biting the dust.

“Her best pal Ed Sheeran has defected and is buddying up with her enemies,” said the insider, which is not good considering OK! previously reported that her last romance (with Tom Hiddleston of course) “Nearly split up her squad for good.” While she was able to regroup her besties, it seems she has still ended up losing control over her famous “squad.”

“Taylor and Ed go way back, which is why she was furious when she saw him cuddling up to her sworn enemy Katy Perry recently,” said a source.

Ed crashed an interview Katy was during last month, and that definitely doesn’t make Taylor look good!

And, “if that’s not bad enough, Taylor found out Ed was also hanging out with her ex [Tom Hiddleston],” added the source. “Ed’s been so busy promoting his new album that she hasn’t been able to speak to him yet, but when she does, Ed’s definitely going to get a telling off.”

So is her queen bee status slipping away? It appears that way!

Said the insider, “Karlie Kloss and Cara Delevingne ditched her, and now Ed’s loyalty is fading too.”

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