Watch An Exclusive Promo Of MTV's New Culinary Reality Show, House Of Food

Move over Real World! Move over Top Chef! There’s a new badass reality show in town! With elements of both shows on display (eight strangers…picked to live in a house…and compete in a series of culinary competitions), there’s little chance these contestants will leave their drama in the kitchen.


So what’s so great about 8 aspiring chefs with no formal culinary training? Well we love the concept because it takes you inside the making a competition reality show. While we may get glimpses of the designers apartments on Project Runway, and bits and pieces of the Top Chef houses, House of Food doesn’t stop rolling when the food’s done cooking.

Watch The Trailer for MTV’s New Show, House of Food, That’s Real World Meets Top Chef

Check out the exclusive promo at the top of the page and get ready for lots of fights, lots of food, and hopefully lots of hot tub lovin’.

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