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Justin Bieber Posts a New Music Video After Turning Himself in for Assault Charge

Never a dull moment for Justin Bieber. He turned himself in to Toronto police last night and was charged with assaulting a limo driver about a month ago. Hardly one to keep quiet, he then went home and posted a new music video!

OK! News: Justin Bieber posted a very weird Instagram after his arrest. Come check it out!

This is Bieber’s second arrest in a week, one in Canada and one in the U.S. He will face the assault charge in a Canadian court on March 10, while he has plead not guilty to the DUI charge in Miami from a few days ago. Tough times for JB! Meanwhile, his haters have created a petition to have the Canadian teen deported. It’s reached the requisite signatures that now the White House actually has to weigh in “in a timely fashion.”

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How is Justin dealing with all of this? By keeping his eyes on the prize of his music career. After leaving the Toronto police station, he released a new music video on Vevo called “Confident.” Watch the hot new video below!

He also posted the above selfie on Instagram with the hashtag #confident, as well as an Instavideo letting fans know that “Confident” was out. “Go get it, go look at it, go comment, and uh, yeah,” he said in the video, looking surprisingly happy. You are an eternal mystery to us, Justin.

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