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Ryan Seacrest Invests $1 Million in an iPhone Case—See How It'll Change Your Life!

Ryan Seacrest is a genius. You know it, he knows it, and now the consumer electronics industry knows it. Ryan just invested a mighty $1 million in an iPhone case, and it’s such a great idea it’ll probably be bigger than the Kardashians in about a year.

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Ryan and friend Laurence Hollier have created the Typo Keyboard case. It’s an iPhone case that slides a Blackberry-esque keyboard onto your phone, thus eliminating one of the biggest gripes of Apple users. It’ll make the iPhone a little friendlier for employees who use their phones to write tons of emails (Or just if you’re a rampant texter. No judgment here!).

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The case will debut in January, and will retail for $99. While there are similar keyboard cases on the market, Ryan and Laurence have improved the concept so the case is thin and the keyboard responses faster. We’re sold!

Do you think you’d like to use this case? Are you an iPhone or Blackberry person (or neither)? Do you think it’ll eliminate the Blackberry? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @OKMagazine.