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Exclusive: Will Little Mix Make a Movie Like Spice World After They Wrap Their US Tour?

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This fall, huge things are happening for UK girl group Little Mix. Straight off the heels of their live performance on The Today Show last month, the girls will be embarking on their very headlining tour in the US that’s, as Leigh-Anne Pinnock puts it, “bigger and better” than any show they’ve ever put on before. Read on for exclusive deets on what to expect from the Salute Tour, how Beyonce’s live shows have inspired the girls’, and why Little Mix making a movie a’la the Spice Girls’ Spice World isn’t such a crazy concept…

OK! Exclusive: Little Mix’s Jessy Says They Study Beyonce Videos While On Tour You guys performed on The Today Show a few week ago. Was that a preview of what fans can expect on your headlining tour?
Leigh-Anne Pinnock: Definitely. With the tour we’re going to bring it like nothing else, literally. We love the American crowd and we just finished our UK tour so were bringing tht show over to America and will make it bigger and better. You’ve been in rehearsals for quite a while now. What’s the choreography like?
LP: It’s the whole show, literally. There’s not one moment where we breathe. But yeah we love it. We just want to put on a big show and entertain people and we don’t want people to be bored watching it. And if you’re not a fan yet, our aim is to make you become a mixer!

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LP: Well, I love Texas. I love it. I can’t wait to go back there. I just love the whole vibe of it, the atmosphere, it’s amazing. But our fans are amazing everywhere.

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Splash News What other tours were you inspired by for this show?
LP: Beyonce—her tour is incredible. She’s in a class of her own but we definitely look up to Beyonce and everything that she does and the passion that she has.

OK! News: Did Beyonce Tell The World That Jay Z Cheated On Her? She really is in a class of her own! Are there any other artists that you hope come out to see you on tour?
LP: Oooh. Well, we’ve seen Jason Derulo [at one of our shows], we’d love for him to come. That would be good. I would like Rihanna to come because I love her. She would be my dream guest. And obviously Beyonce as well would be amazing. Other than the tour, what else do you want to accomplish in the US in 2014?
LP: I would say to sell out Madison Square Garden. That’s the ultimate goal. We don’t care how long it takes we just want to do it. It’s a huge thing for us.

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SyCo Records And then once you do that, you’ll get your own 3D movie!
LP: Our own film, yes. That’s our ultimate dream. (laughs). But I think the good thing about it is we wouldn’t just do a documentary. We’d do like, you know the Spice Girls movie, Spice World? It’s like a story. I think the movie would be, like us in different situations. Just something cool that hasn’t been done before.

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