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Happy Weekend! Here's What's New on Netflix

It’s the last weekend before Halloween, so you know what that means? It’s time to hunker down with a bowl full of candy meant for children and binge watch some movies and television shows on Netflix. Luckily, we’ve got a whole list of new streaming options. Check it out!

The CW

The CW

Populaire (2013)

In this romantic comedy set in the 1950s, a smooth-talking insurance agent is so impressed with his secretary’s skills that he encourages her to enter speed-typing competitions. He also invites her to live in his mansion, and romance slowly blooms.

Nikita: Season 3

Nikita is one of the most highly skilled assassins on the planet, and her target is the mysterious corporation that created her. The Division, as it’s known, picks up at-risk teens to train as killers, and Nikita will do anything to bring it down.

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Jedi Junkies

The Star Wars phenomenon has inspired a creative outpouring on the part of fans inspired by its visionary technologies, characters and themes. This admiring documentary profiles some of the projects inspired by the deep space epic.

The Haunting of Amelia 

The death of a loved one is rarely easy to get over, but for Josh (Brendan Fehr), whose high school girlfriend died a decade earlier in a train crash, it’s beginning to seem like something he’ll never get past — until he meets his dearly departed’s double. But is it forward or back that the beautiful doppelgänger is leading him, and should he listen to her words or those of his best friend in this haunting chiller from helmer A.D. Calvo?


A Cold War Soviet submarine captain struggles with a rogue KGB group trying to seize control of the ship’s nuclear missile. Meanwhile, he secretly suffers from seizures that affect his grip on reality.

Casper’s Scare School: Season 2

Casper the Friendly Ghost is back and ready for more adventures when his fierce uncles, tired of his kindly relations with humans, send him away to a boarding school that specializes in teaching young students how to be as scary as possible.

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Back home after a harrowing tour in Afghanistan and haunted by his dark past, veteran Joey Jones takes on an assumed identity and tries to atone. But when his pregnant girlfriend is murdered, he must risk stepping into the light to get revenge.


Two private eyes investigating the disappearance of a student discover horrific content on a collection of VHS tapes in his home. But these videos don’t just document evil … they actually contain a very dark presence. 

Tom Papa: Freaked Out 

Famously upbeat comedian Tom Papa takes the stage and delivers a biting stand-up routine that includes his observations on the perils of church-going, old age, makeup, Chinese grocery stores, raising daughters, and grown men wearing shorts.

We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks (2013)

This documentary reveals how Julian Assange fired a global debate on secrecy when his web site, Wikileaks, published thousands of confidential documents. Taking no sides, Oscar winner Alex Gibney examines every aspect of the controversial event.

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Electoral Dysfunction 

Correspondent Mo Rocca takes viewers on a humorous and disquieting tour of the United States electoral system, focusing on its many contradictions. Perhaps most surprising, Rocca finds that the U.S. Constitution does not guarantee the right to vote.

The Carrie Diaries: Season 1

Before bylines, the Big Apple and Mr. Big, Carrie Bradshaw was a teenager of the ’80s. In this prequel to “Sex and the City,” she navigates high school while harboring dreams of becoming a writer.

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