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Ashley Rickards

5 Things You Didn't Know About fun.'s Nate Ruess
Even though we’re pretty positive you’re familiar with the band fun., we’re not so sure you know much about the man behind the catchy anthems that took the music scene by storm. Nate Ruess is known for his power vocals and energetic stage presence, but there’s more to him than what you see in concert. Here are Read More
6 Of 'Awkward's' Most Awkward Moments Ever In Honor of Tonight's Finale
MTV's Awkward is, you guessed it, incredibly awkward. Between relationship issues, friendship problems and everything in between, sitting down to watch the show guarantees cringing at least once—but that's why we love it! We figured there's no better way to prepare for tonight's season finale than to recap the most awkward moments that have ever happened on Read More
Who Were They Before They Got 'Awkward.'? TV Shows The 'Awkward.' Cast Used to Be On
4 OMG Moments From The Season 3 Premiere of 'Awkward.'
We're thinking of last night's season 3 premiere of Awkward. as MTV's big old "you're welcome" to all of us 20-somethings who were as obsessed with and missed this show as much as we did. Now that Jenna (Ashley Rickards) and her maybe-soon-to-not-be beau (literally) Matty (Beau Mirchoff) have to head back to school after Read More
OK! Catch Up: Get to Know 'Awkward' Before Tonight's Premiere
You've heard people talking about Awkward before, and it seems adorable. Who can resist a high-school show? The third season premieres tonight, but don't feel like you're behind the times. Catch up here and you're ready to go! Awkward is about a girl named Jenna (Ashley Rickards), who narrates the show via her blog in Read More
What's In Your Beauty Bag, Ashley Rickards?
If Awkard. star Ashley Rickards is as loyal in every other aspect of her life as she is to her favorite beauty brand, then she would make the best kind of friend. The actress spilled the contents of her makeup bag for OK! and explains her obsession with her beauty must-haves. Photos: Celebs' Favorite Beauty Read More