If Awkard. star Ashley Rickards is as loyal in every other aspect of her life as she is to her favorite beauty brand, then she would make the best kind of friend. The actress spilled the contents of her makeup bag for OK! and explains her obsession with her beauty must-haves.

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OK!: I see a lot of Make Up For Ever happening here, what are some of your fave items?

Ashley Rickerts: My must-haves would have to be the Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet Foundation. It has SPF in it and it’s non comedogenic. And then my other favorite one would be the Aqua Liner. It’s a waterproof eyeliner and the tip of it is so small and really precise.

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OK!: When did you first become familiar with the brand?

AR: I first became familiar with Make Up For Ever on a shoot. I haven’t met one makeup artist who doesn’t use the Make Up For Ever HD when we’re filming in high-definition. It’s just the industry go-to. It’s what everyone uses. It makes your skin look flawless and you never look like you’re wearing makeup. And the same thing goes with their HD Powder. It’s a white, iridescent powder but it’s a setting powder. It’s the only one my makeup artist Kathleen Freeman will use because it looks like I don’t have any powder on. It doesn’t dry my skin out, which is great.

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OK!: As far as color, what do you like to use?

AR: I’m all about the bronzer because basically I blend into walls otherwise. I use the Make Up For Ever Mat Bronze and I like it because it’s not orange and so I never look crazy with their bronzer. I never look like a pumpkin. There’s an eye shadow color that, if anyone has hazel eyes or green eyes like me, I’m absolutely obsessed with it. It’s one of their new colors, I think. It’s 047. It’s this brown-olive green that looks so natural. I use it as a little bit of darker color on my eyelids, in the eyelid crease. It really brings out the color.

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OK!: What about for lips? Are you a lip gloss girl or a lipstick girl?

AR: I’m a lip liner girl, actually. I’ll mostly just use a little bit of lip liner around the edges and then fill in. I think any woman who has ever tried to put on a nude lipstick can kind of instantly remember how hard it was for them, or how hard it may still be, to find that perfect one for their skin tone. The good news is Make Up For Ever has it. The bad news is that they have 500 different shades of nudes. So you’re going to have to find the one that’s perfect for you, but they do have the one that’s perfect for you. The one for me is…I think it’s waterproof, I guess I’m just waiting to fall into a well or something so that my makeup will stay perfect. It’s the Aqua Lip in 03C and it’s the same exactly color as my lips.

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