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Which Celebrity Is the Highest-Earning Movie Star Of 2013? Get the Answer Here!
Forbes’ just released their annual top-grossing actors list which means one thing—does Robert Downey Jr. still hold the coveted title? While he did make bank in 2013 with a whopping $1.2 billion, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson squeaked by into the number one spot with $1.3 billion. Now that’s a big chunk of change! Photos: 16 Best Shirtless Celebrity Instagram Read More
Find Out Which Star Topped Forbes Highest Paid Celebrities List With $125 Million
Lady Gaga, Simon Cowell and Madonna all landed on Forbes Highest Paid Celebrities list, but who took home the grand prize? Drum roll please…Madonna! The singer raked in a cool $125 million dollars from only June 2012 to June 2013—now that’s a lot of cash! Watch the video above to see which other stars made Read More