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TMI! Spelling 'Blown Away' By Hubby Dean McDermott's Tori Tattoo In 'Unbelievably Inti...
  In her usual often a little-too-candid way, Tori Spelling is sharing some very intimate details about hubby Dean McDermott. And all we can say is…. ouch! The mom-of-four tweeted recently that Dean, 46, has added to his already …
Courtesy of Instagram
Gotta See it Gram of the Day
Rihanna posted a photo of Cara Delevingne's new ink today and it already has more than 340,000 likes! The singer captioned the Instagram photo by saying, "My lover @caradelevingne just came over and got tagged for the first time!! Only by …
Amber Rose Declares Her Love For Wiz Khalifah With a Tattoo!
Amber Rose forever declared her love for Wiz Khalifa by getting a tattoo of his face on her arm! The model who is known her for ink posted this picture last week on Instagram of her tattoo in progress, “Anotha …