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Bill Rancic Admires Wife Giuliana’s Work Ethic

Although Bill and Giuliana Rancic chronicle their struggle to conceive in their Style Network reality show Giuliana & Bill, the original Apprentice winner wouldn’t change a thing when it comes to his wife’s career, which often separates them as he’s based in Chicago and her position with E! is located in Los Angeles.

“She’s got a great work ethic, which I love because I’m a hard worker,” Bill, 39, tells me during HP’s “LaserJet Pays You Back” event. “That was important to me — someone who wasn’t going to sit around the house all day while I was out working my tail off.”

He adds, “What most attracted me to her is how authentic she is. There’s something about her that’s so real. Being from Chicago, Chicago’s a town where everyone’s real. That was the thing about Giuliana. She’s authentic and a good person. She’s beautiful; she’s funny and smart.”

Any baby news?

“Ah, not that I can talk about,” Bill says. “Hopefully this is our year. I’m feeling very optimistic that 2010 is our year to expand our family.”

When they’re apart, the couple — who wed in 2007 — can be found making their relationship work long-distance.

“We spend a lot of time in the air, a lot of time on the cell phone and e-mail,” he says. “We definitely work at it and do everything possible to always stay in contact with each other. Technology is important. We Skype, we’re on cell phones at least a dozen times a day for something or another. Technology is big. We just got iPads, which is great. We utilize all the advancements in modern-day technology to maintain our romance.”

One way the couple stays motivated when they’re together is by engaging in friendly competition.

“We definitely compete whenever we can, whether it’s running, or if we do a race, we try to see who can have a better time. But it’s done out of love and more of a friendly competition than anything else.”

In fact, Bill hopes to make gains on Twitter (@BillRancic), where Giuliana is winning big in the bid for followers.

“I’m just getting into Twitter,” he says. “I think I hit 61,000 followers. I’ve got a little catching up to do with my wife. I think she’s at 1.8 million, so I’m working on it. With your help, I can grow my base. I have a long way to go, man.”

Still, Bill is ultimately a proud husband.

“I’m happy when I see her succeeding and doing well, and that’s what’s important. I know she feels the same about me.”

Here’s my pic with Giuliana:


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