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What's Been on Kate Middleton's Pregnancy Cravings List?

 Kate Middleton's pregnancy cravings are of royal interest to us. We've been following along Kate Middleton's mommy-to-be journey and can't wait until the baby is welcomed into the world. Her clothes are adorable, her bump is the cutest, and, we really must say, her snacks of choice sound pretty tasty.

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Back in January, we heard that Kate Middleton was lovin' lavender shortbread. Those sound yummy, huh? Sure beats that old pickles adage. It's actually not a surprise to us at all. It's so proper, fancy, and probably goes well with a cup of tea. The scent of Lavender is pretty sweet too, but that's getting off topic.

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So what's Kate Middleton craving now? Her daily diet isn't restricted to shortbread, that's for sure! According to a Perez Hilton report, the celeb is now snacking on something spicy! Kate Middleton is said to have a thing for a vegetarian curry prepared by convenience store in Upper Bucklebury. 

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First shortbread and now curry. What will be added on next?

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