The Duchess of Cambridge is seen visiting Hope House

So here at we’re growing a little impatient waiting for the royal baby to make his or her grand arrival and we’re not alone. Recently Queen Elizabeth II insinuated she’d like the little one to put the pedal to the metal as she’s getting ready to go on holiday in Scotland. To stay in her in-laws’ good graces, here are few safe, natural options Kate Middleton can use to coerce baby out.

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• Spice It Up

If you see the Queen spiking Kate’s meals with hot sauce, it’s because many believe it irritates the intestines, causing the uterus to contract. However, if the Duchess has been suffering from heartburn, a common pregnancy woe, she may want to pass on the extra spicy and tacos and opt for something else.

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• Walking

Taking walks may help the royal baby start moving. Gravity and movement can help draw the baby down into the pelvis, thinning out the cervix for labor. So put on a pair of kicks, Kate, and walk the grounds.

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• Castor Oil

Only if she gets really desperate—castor oil is a laxative that can stimulate the bowels, irritating the uterus to encourage it to begin contracting. This stuff is nasty and while they say a shot of it is all it takes, if it doesn’t work, you’re left with some awful castor oil aftertaste.

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• Massage

This one is my favorite because who doesn’t need a good massage—especially in the home stretch of pregnancy? Massage supposedly raises oxytocin levels, and that’s a hormone that can kick off contractions.

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