Access Hollywood hostess Nancy O’Dell has made a living out of interviewing people, so it would make sense for her daughter, Ashby, 3 months, to be equally as chatty, or as chatty as a 3-month-old can be.

“She loves to hang out with people,” Nancy tells OK!. “We take her to dinners and she just sits there, and as long as you put her in the conversation, you’ll hear her go, ‘Uh, uh.’ She’ll grunt a little bit and you’ll know she wants to turn around and then she’s fine as long as she’s part of it.”

Little Ashby has already mastered proper conversation decorum, taking turns exchanging “dialogue” with her mom’s friend. “She thought she was talking to her and when the lady stopped talking, Ashby started talking. And the lady started talking again and she stopped and Ashby continued, ‘Ooh, ooh, aah, aah.’ So, she’s a very social baby.”

If it sounds like Ashby’s the perfect baby, it’s because she is, according to Nancy, who calls her daughter the “most content, happy, little baby,” who hardly ever cries. In fact, on the rare occasion that Ashby does bawl, the 41-year-old takes it as a sign that something’s wrong.

But no cry can bring Nancy down from the Cloud Nine she’s been on since becoming a mom. With a new baby, a cushy gig, her husband, executive Keith Zubchevich, and two stepsons, Tyler, 12, Carson, 7, the anchor says her life is now complete.

“It feels like I’m where I’m supposed to be. It’s like before, I had the great career, my job was wonderful and then, all of a sudden, I found my husband and had a great home life and this on top of it?”

More children may be on the horizon too, but it wouldn’t happen for a while since Nancy returned to her hosting duties on Access last week. How hard was it to go back to work?

"They’ll let me bring her the first two weeks because the baby’s fine — she doesn’t need to be weaned from me. I need to be weaned from her!”

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