It may be the worst-kept secret in entertainment of late, what with Paris Hilton spouting off about it last weekend in Vegas, but Christina Aguilera has still not publicly confirmed that she and record exec hubby Jordan Bratman are expecting. Well, she doesn’t have to anymore, because someone else has done it for her, direct to OK!.

While chatting recently with the executive producer of this Sunday’s Emmy Awards, OK! learned a lot about what to expect from the gala event — the stage layout is different; Kanye West is going to perform; and, oh yeah, Christina is definitely preggers!

In describing to OK! how the songtress will be performing the classic tune "Steppin’ Out," exec. producer Ken Ehrlic casually let it slip that "We’re sensitive to the pregnancy, but I can’t wait for her to sing." Oops. Guess the pregnant cat is out of the bag now.

So, come on Christina, why not come out and tell everyone the good news? We promise to bring a nice gift to the baby shower.

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