In a year filled with divorces, cheating scandals (hello, Tiger Woods!), simulated sex onstage a la Adam Lambert and a plethora of domestic disturbances among celebrities, perhaps the most noteworthy event is the lack of drama and controversy in the life of Britney Spears! Join OK! as we look back on 2009 and all the scandalicious events in entertainment!

1. Roman Polanksi fights extradition to the U.S.: Over 30 years after he fled the country in the wake of accusations that he’d drugged and raped a 13-year-old girl, the legendary director fought off extradition from his home in Switzerland. The U.S. wanted to bring him back to the country to face those 1977 charges.The director of Rosemary’s Baby was allowed to pay $4.5 million to remain under house arrest in his palatial chalet while his legal team continues to argue against extradition.

2. Tila Tequila accuses Shawn Merriman of beating her up: In September, the Shot of Love star called the police, claiming that her San Diego Chargers boyfriend had choked and thrown her. At the time she signed a citizen’s arrest warrant accusing Shawne of battery and false imprisonment. The NFL player immediately issued a statement the next day, saying Tila was drunk and he was trying to keep her safe, and hadn’t hurt her.  “I in no way caused any harm to Ms. Nguyen, however, paramedics were called and she was examined but no injuries were reported,” Merriman’s statement read.

3. Madonna’s adoption request for Mercy James initially denied: After trying to adopt her little girl, in April the High Court of Malawi in Africa at first denied the singer’s request to adopt the orphaned girl. “Anyone could come to Malawi and quickly arrange for an adoption that might have grave consequences on the very children that the law seeks to protect,” Judge Esimie Chombo stated in her ruling. However Madge, who adopted son David Banda from the country in 2006, appealed the ruling. The Malawian Supreme court reversed the decision, and Madonna was was allowed to bring Mercy James home in June.

4. Stripper says she slept with Josh Duhamel: Fergie and her husband went through a maelstrom of gossip when a stripper alleged that she had slept with Josh while he was in TK filming Life As We Know It. Despite the 34-year-old woman’s accusations, Josh and Fergie are still together and by all accounts, appear happy.

5. Mel Gibson and wife divorce, his new girlfriend has his baby: After 28 years of marriage and seven children together, Mel’s wife Robyn Gibson filed for divorce April 10, citing “irreconcilable differences.” Then in May, Mel and new girlfriend Oksana Grgorieva announced they were expecting a child together. The couple’s baby girl was born Oct. 3o.

6. Nude pictures of Rihanna surface: As if being a victim of domestic abuse wasn’t enough, there was even more scandal surrounding the Barbadian beauty this year, when in May, nude pictures of the singer surfaced on the Internet. While Rihanna never confirmed nor denied the pictures were her, she did tell reporters more recently that she believes all women should have naked pictures of themselves while they’re young and attractive. So…

7. LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian ditch spouses for each other: After co-starring in a Lifetime movie together, rumors began to circulate in April that Eddie and Leann were cheating on their spouses together and were involved in a torrid affair. Although both denied the romance at first, both split with their partners and in October, were seen out on the town holding hands in a very public admission of their love.

8. Jett Travolta’s death leads to extortion plot: In the wake of their son’s tragic death in January in the Bahamas, John Travolta and Kelly Preston had even more to deal with, as an alleged extortion plot against them was revealed. A former Bahamian lawmaker and a paramedic were said to have demanded $25 million not to reveal documents they thought would put the Travolta family in a bad light. The subsequent trial was ruled a mistrial, however, with juror misconduct at fault.

9. Adam Lambert simulates oral sex on stage: The American Idol alum might have been trying to pull a censor-horrifying Janet Jackson-esque move when he had a back-up dancer simulate oral sex on him during his performance on the American Music Awards in November. He also engaged in quite a steamy kiss with another man during the show, but come on, what’s a little tongue between pals? Later Adam told OK! that he had been thinking of sex while onstage, which might have been what lead to aforementioned move.

10. Jon and Kate Gosselin announce split on TV: Although break-up rumors had been around for awhile, when the seemingly happy Gosselin couple announced their split live on their hit TLC show this summer, audiences across America were stunned. Jon, 32, and estranged wife Kate, 34, filed for divorce last summer after 10 years together. Soon after their break-up, Jon’s name was tied to former journalist Kate Major, followed by on-again-off again girlfriend Hailey Glassman. The suddenly single reality dad made headlines by going out to rub elbows with Hollywood’s D-list while dealing with his divorce. Hey, we all grieve in different ways, right?

11. David Letterman admits affairs and reveals $2 million extortion plot on Late Show: The talk show funnyman dropped a bomb on his audience in early October when he announced that not only had he had affairs with female members of his staff, cheating on now wife Regina Lasky, but that he was also the victim of a failed extortion plot. Former male staffer, Joe Halderman, threatened to reveal his illicit affairs unless he was paid off. David later apologized on-air to his wife.

14. Chris Brown hits Rihanna during post-party fight: In the early hours of Feb. 8, after the couple attended a party at the home of Clive Davis, the “No Air” singer and RiRi got into an argument over a text received on his phone, resulting in a terrible physical altercation. Chris was said to have punched and bitten Rihanna, before she finally fled the vehicle and called the police. After a warrant was issued for his arrest, Chris eventually turned himself in. He pleaded not guilty to all charges, including assault and making threats, but ultimately, the case was settled without a trial. Chris pled guilty in open court on the count of assault with means of great bodily injury and was sentenced to five years probation and 180 days of hard-labor community service.

13. Tiger Woods crashes car, cheating rumors erupt: After Tiger crashed his car near his Florida home, resulting in wife Elin Nordegren reportedly smashing out the back window with a golf club for one reason or another, stories of his alleged multiple infidelities began to trickle into the media. Nightlife promoter Rachel Uchitel and Las Vegas cocktail waitress Jaimee Grubbs are just two of the women linked to the pro golfer… with about 10 more mistresses out there claiming to have had sexual contact with Tiger. This scandal will definitely develop more as 2010 arrives, so stay tuned!

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