Last night's episode of Real Housewives of Orange County was titled, 'A Star Is Reborn?'…which is pretty confusing to us. It was clear that a star was born, and that star is Lydia's mom, Judy. Or, as she calls herself, the "flower fairy".

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We've gotta ask, doesn't it kind of seem like Lydia and Judy are totally not related? We're not doubting that Judy is Lydia's real mom (wait, yeah, we totally are) but could there be a chance that Judy is just a little too cray cray to have given birth to such a pristine and religious Bravolebrity like Lyds? Let's take a look at a few things that jumped out at us.

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Judy is a total wack-a-doo…for lack of a better word. She seems to live on the edge and likes to be a little crazy. Lydia, on the other hand, likes to play it smart and safe. Safe to Judy means not putting a purse on the ground to keep all the chi inside, while Lydia's version of playing it safe is not putting Heather on the cover of her magazine.

Judy feels as though she might have been a tree growing up, though we imagine Lydia's childhood more along the lines of beauty pageants and Barbies. 

Lydia likes her sparkle in the form of a giant rock on her finger (yes, Heather, it's real). Judy prefers her sparkle more in dust form…fairy dust, to be exact.

According to Lydia, God hates marijuana. Well, Lydia loves God and Judy loves marijuana. There's no compromises on this one. It's night and day.

But in reality, they're just your everyday fabulous Orange County family…that sometimes gets high.

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PS, Terry, Heather and Lydia are in agreement that Judy deserves her own spin-off. We second that. Your move, Bravo!

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