While Al Roker has his very own brand new morning show on The Weather Channel with Stephanie Abrams, Wake Up With Al, starting July 20, America’s favorite weatherman would never compare himself with Ryan Seacrest.No, I don’t think so,” he says when told he’s the new Ryan. “Ryan does, what, four hours in the morning? On radio and then all of that other stuff and he’s a terrific guy. Of course, he has much better hair than I do. The similarities end pretty quickly, but that said, I love doing this. If there is one similarity it’s that we both love what we do and Stephanie does too. It’s like great, lets just do it; lets have a good time.”

So if Al’s got to be on the the air at 6 a.m., what is his (very early) morning like?

“I’ll talk with the producers and the meteorologists, so I know what is going on as soon as I hit the door. Going to makeup or as I like to call it special effects, luckily I don’t have to worry about hair,” he jokes. “We’ll probably do some taping, we’ve got to do a tease at about 5:40 for the show that’s on earlier and then we’ll do our program from 6 to 7 and at about 6:55, I’ll slip out the door and downstairs and over to the The Today Show and do three hours and over to the studio for an updated because it’s going to re-broadcast 10am.”

That is much more than we get done in a whole day!

Al’s even got his own catchy name for the show — “Because it’s called Wake Up With Al, we have W-U-W-A, so we are calling the show WUWA!”

Reporting by Laura Lane

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