Never have I ever learned more in an interview than I have when I chatted with Andrew Schulz, who you may recognize from MTV‘s Guy Code and Girl Code. Now, Andrew’s back with his very own show The Hook Up, a dating show where Andrew helps contestants dig up online dirt about their potential daters before going out. So yeah, back to the learning part? I learned what kind of pics guys do (selfies) and don’t (shirtless celebs) like to see girls post online, what Andrew thinks about the Teen Moms and their dating life, and why I actually might be a good contestant for the show (even though I’m taken. Watch the video proof here…)

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Read on to read our hilarious chat, what Andrew judged me about, why he thinks Leonardo DiCaprio might have a Titanic fetish and more, below!


OK!: Can you tell me how the idea for this show got started? How is it different from other dating shows out there?
Andrew Schulz: The premise of this show is, find out who somebody is before you date them. So instead of sending you out on dates seeing if you guys are good together, what I do is I have a girl choose between four guys, or a guy choose between four girls, and I just dig up all this embarrassing stuff on the internet to show them who they really are.

OK!: So it’s basically the opposite of Catfish?
AS: Well, we try to avoid Catfish, so instead of showing you all the good we are showing you all the bad. And sometimes the bad is endearing.

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OK!: So when you find these contestants, they have to be kind of weird, right? Have a lot of dirt to dig up?
AS: Exactly. It’s not even all dirt, I mean it’s TV so at the end of the day we want things that are going to be interesting and weird stuff that they put online because that is going to make it interesting for other people. Girls can do the wildest stuff and we are so forgiving. Whereas we, if we are like partiers, girls are like I just don’t like that, but like if there is a girl getting champagne poured all over her we are like “that is a really cool bikini. I really like that bikini I think I’m going to keep her”.


OK!: Did you have a say in the contestants that got picked?
AS: Oh yeah, just for me I want more information. I like to be very involved in any project that I am doing. If we are looking at this person I am like, I need another video, that is not embarrassing enough, I need you to dig, I need a different status update. Ok “I hate dogs” who cares? I need something like…

OK!: I actually do hate dogs…
AS: You hate dogs?!

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OK!: I’m just not a pet person. I like babies though, that is what I always say to redeem myself.
AS: That is so cute, you actually said that to me because you felt judged. You don’t like dogs at all? This is a perfect thing for the show.

OK!: Really? I feel like it’s so not enough!
AS: Because this guy could be dog guy. You know what I mean, every picture is him…

OK!: Are you telling me I could be a good contestant?
AS: You might be one of the daters! Let’s look for dirt. Let’s see, do you have a private profile?

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OK!: Oh boy. Enough about me. What celebrities do you want to dig up some dirt on?
AS: Good question, Haley! I would want like Leonardo Dicaprio’s dirt, because he doesn’t have any out there. We never see any bad press about him. But he has got to be into some weird stuff do you know what I mean?

Getty Images
Getty Images

OK!: He dates a lot, so you never know!
AS: He dates a lot there has got to be something…I would love it if he had some weird Titanic fetish where he just has a remake of the front of the boat in his house and he just makes girls just go stand there and look out.

OK!: What about MTV stars. Who would have the most dirt there?
AS: This is what I wanted to do, I wanted to take some of the people from the various shows that were single and hook them up, or put them in the dating pool. She doesn’t see what they look like until the third act. But who do I think would have the most dirt? Any of the teen moms are going to have a lot of dirt. That is a sad show. How fun would that be if you rejected…

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OK!: Oh my god, like Jenelle Evans or something? From working on this show, what do you think guys do and don’t like to see girls do online?
AS: There are pictures we are tired of, we should let people know. We don’t need to see anymore more of the pictures where you are at the beach and it is just your knees down. And then there is like a picture with Harry Styles with his shirt off,  every girl has a picture of Harry Styles with his shirt off.

OK!: What about selfies? Do guys like selfies?
AS: We love everything you put on that has you in it. We don’t like anything you post that is about like brunch. We don’t care. We are looking for you, like “oh man these girls are beautiful, how cool is it that we just get to see them?” And then it is like, “egg white omelet”! 


OK!: So basically on this show, you are an online matchmaker. You are totally a Patti Stanger.
AS: I’m all about the hookup, she is trying to find love, I’m trying to find the hookup. If you fall in love, that’s all on you.

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OK!: I feel like this is sort of like Elimidate and Next and those old school MTV dating shows.
AS: Next was the best, when the person barely makes it out of the bus, like they literally just put their head out and they are like, “next!” But we watch it because we are like “oh my god it’s embarrassing.”.Now with this show, that person is here live and we are replaying that embarrassing moment.
OK!: You get so much fun out of it!
AS: Aw dude it is just fun! I like having fun. Every show that I have been blessed to do I just get fun out of it like Girl Code/Guy Code. Guy Court is a new show we have coming out. It is just fun shows, shows where people watch and they come up to me like dude, I love that show, I crack up.

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The Hook-Up premieres tonight at 6pm on MTV and Guy Court premieres November 6 at 11pm on MTV! What do you think of Andrew’s advice? Will you tune into the show? Tweet us @OKMagazine.

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