Not many men are lucky enough to get paid to kiss Jennifer Aniston.

And when that happened to Alec Baldwin, he felt the the same way about it that most guys would.

"It was the greatest day of my life," Alec said of making out with Jen when she was a guest star on 30 Rock.

OK, OK – maybe he’s teasing us just a little bit.

"Whenever you do that with someone, it’s so fake," he said at a party in New York to celebrate the dedication of the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge on Nov. 19.

"They’re getting paid to kiss you. I’m getting paid to kiss her. But she’s a doll."


Now, we know that snagging Jen for the Nov. 13 guest appearance was a bit of a coup. But it tells you something that even the great Alec Baldwin was blown away just to have her on set.


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"Jennifer Aniston could be making films, she could be shopping, she could be buying a private island somewhere, she could be doing virtually anything she wants to be doing.

"But for her to come and do that with us, we are all very grateful."

Yet for all that, Alec told OK! (somewhat strangely) that the thing that’s stuck with him most about Jennifer was…

"Her wrist watch. I don’t want to say who the maker of the wrist watch is," he said, "but she had a wrist watch on that was this very beautiful, very rare, very fabulous wrist watch, and you just knew that Jennifer Aniston would have on a wrist watch that you had never seen before – the most fabulous wrist watch."

Well, Alec’s sort of a cryptic guy, but we think that’s his way of saying she’s kinda swell.



By Oliver Coleman

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