When Extra caught up with Charlie Sheen on the set of his sitcom Two and a Half Men, the actor spoke candidly about his ongoing custody battle with ex-wife Denise Richards.

“I just know that sometimes when you’re given an opportunity to kind of set the record straight about things, it helps!” Charlie explains. “I wasn’t going to say anything, but she continues to reveal what type of person and parent she is through her behavior!”

The award-winning actor went on to say, “It’s just so unfortunate because what’s been lost in the entire, this ridiculous and unnecessary circus, is that the initial request was just to be able to hire my own nanny. That’s all I asked for and an extra weekend… cut to two months later, this is what I’m forced to deal with.”

Sheen also revealed the he and fiancée Brooke Mueller would love to expand the Sheen brood. “Oh absolutely, we’re just dealing with what’s in front of us right now and getting through all this crap… getting back to our regularly scheduled life, then dealing with getting married and having our own family, which is exciting.”

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