Eva Mendes might be on the short list for hottest leading lady, but her mom is her number one critic.

"Every time I walk the red carpet, she’ll say, ‘Oh, the hair was a bit too much,’ or she’ll comment on the shoes,” Eva, 34, tells Parade magazine.

Under the watchful eye of her mother, Eva says she’s grown up to be nothing like the husband-stealing shop girl she plays in the film The Women, co-starring Meg Ryan and Annette Bening. "My character may be a bad girl, but I’m not."

When it comes to dark rumors swirling around Eva’s stint in rehab, Eva stays mum for the sake of her mum: "People can speculate all they want. I’m not going to clear up the misconceptions. I have to think of the pain it might bring my mother."

Her mom might want to keep on eye on her: a racy TV commercial for new Calvin Klein fragrance "Secret Obsession" has been pulled from screens in the U.S. due to a quick nipple slip from a mostly naked Eva rolling around on a bed. If that’s not a sign of a bad girl, we don’t know what is.

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