We know you had questions for country star Taylor Swift, and luckily she was happy to sit down to take the time to answer them in this exclusive video for OK!.


Taylor didn’t hold back, answering a range of inquiries from her most personal songs on her new album, Fearless, to what makes her nervous.


"I only like to write songs where I’m picturing a person as I’m singing it," she reveals to OK!, "And I try to make my songs as detailed and personal and obvious as possible."


As for what makes her the most nervous in her job,Taylor admits that performing on TV is a much more stressful situation than singing at a non-televised concert.


"With performing on the CMAs and any other national TV, it’s always a little nervewracking," she tells OK!, "because you don’t want to fall, you want to sound good, you want to look good, you wanna make sure you come across right. And it’s TV so it’s all this stress on you."


We think you do great on TV, Taylor!


Check out the video below to hear the rest of Taylor’s answers to your questions:


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