Last night I went to the HBO Golden Globes party at Circa 55 in the Beverly Hilton Hotel. The room was awash in shades of brown and gold with chocolate and lemon drop martinis to match. My friend and I got our lemon drops on the rocks so that we didn’t wear them on our pretty dresses. Note to self: Lemon Drop MARTINIS are NOT lemonade.

We also went to the NBC party a few flights up. It was more corporate – except for grinning Globe winner Colin Farrell who hung out on the patio chain smoking but otherwise looking better than I’ve seen him in years. The last time I saw him was in Miami, circa the time he was there filming Miami Vice, and I remember touching his hair to see if it was lots of product or lots of grease. It was the latter. This time he looked better.

Ok, I’m babbling, more than usual, because after imbibing lots of lemonade, spiked, I decided it would be a good idea to just stay up all night and come straight to the office since I had to work at 5am-ish anyway. To stay up I stopped by Villa and danced with some boys from Entourage. Paris was there also showing off her newly shorn hair.

In any case, I haven’t slept, so I’m going to stop babbling now and come back with more from the Globes after a nap 😉 xo

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