If Fergie looked beside herself when she accepted the
American Music Award for Favorite Female Artist Sunday night, it’s because she
was. Or as she puts it — “having a nervous breakdown.”

“I was completely in shock because you know I’ve been in
this business for a long time,” Fergie says backstage. “I was a little girl
with big dreams and tonight one of those big dreams came true. So the moment it
actually happens to you, you can’t plan how you’re going to feel. You can’t
plan if you’re going to cry or if you’re going to be nervous, if you’re going
to blank out.

The 32-year-old did blank out on a few names (or “1,000 people”) in her speech,
but may just reserve those personal “thank you’s” for the holidays, which she’s
planning on spending at home in L.A.

“It’s so good to be home right now,” she says. I’m always
touring. I’m always in some crazy country where I can’t always understand
everybody. It’s Thanksgiving time. I’m home. I just won. It’s a nice time for

And her family and significant other, Josh Duhamel. So how
are the two planning on celebrating Turkey day?

“Thanksgiving we’re having at our house. We’re having Chef
Felix come and cook because I can’t cook,” she reveals. “Come on. We’re going to have a great

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