The polar vortex rages on. Unless you live in, say, Florida, your town is significantly colder than it should be. This is a bummer, but here is something that might help: a list of the newest offerings from Netflix. Check ’em out!

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Nantucket Film Festival’s 2nd Comedy Roundtable
Ben Stiller, Mike Myers, Seth Meyers and Michael Ian Black comprise the panel in Nantucket Film Festival’s roundtable discussion, which finds the comedians offering candid insights into their comedic writing, directing and acting projects.

A True Story
This comedic show-biz fable begins with a pair of down-and-out writers trying to sell their co-written screenplay to climb out of poverty. But as soon as success seems close at hand, the writers’ lives and friendship become much more complicated.

John Mulaney: New in Town
Stand-up comedian John Mulaney tackles such red-hot topics as quicksand, Motown singers and an elderly man he once met in a bathroom. Through his stories, you’ll watch Mulaney age from a nervous, dishonest child to a still-nervous, dishonest adult.

Mitt  – A Netflix Original
From his first effort to win the 2008 Republican nomination to his presidential campaign in 2012, this documentary’s unprecedented access reveals an unseen side of Mitt Romney as the candidate makes his challenging bid for the White House.

Man of Tai Chi
Keanu Reeves makes his directorial debut with this action-packed kung fu tale set in Beijing, where a young man armed with incomparable martial arts skills gets embroiled in the world of underground fight clubs.

Dallas: Season 2
More than 20 years after their final curtain call, the Ewings return with both new and familiar faces—and all the treachery that made the original series a classic. This time around, J.R. and Bobby watch as their sons carry on the Ewing legacy.

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Adventures in the Sin Bin
After routinely lending his vintage van to classmates for their amorous escapades, a sexually inexperienced teenager ends up in the midst of an awkward love triangle that includes his dream girl and a big man on campus.

Cash Crop
This feature-length documentary and California road movie explores America’s largest cash crop: marijuana. Take an epic West Coast adventure into the heart of the Emerald Triangle and America’s most valuable crop.

Question One
Filmmakers Joseph Fox and James Nubile chronicle both sides of the battle over same-sex marriage in Maine, which granted gay couples the right in 2009, only to reverse the decision seven months later.

Day of the Dead
The third chapter in writer-director George Romero’s zombie saga finds scientists and soldiers hiding in a bunker to escape a world overrun by the undead. The two groups butt heads, but infighting takes a backseat when zombies invade the facility.

WWE: Triple H: Thy Kingdom Come 
A 13-time WWE world champion, Triple H continues to build upon his enduring legacy. This comprehensive documentary profiles the wrestler’s entire career, as well as his executive role with the WWE.

Argento’s Dracula
When Englishman Jonathan Harker visits the exotic castle of Count Dracula, he is entranced by the mysterious aristocrat. But upon learning that the count has sinister designs on his wife, Mina, Harker seeks help from vampire slayer Van Helsing.

Dark Touch
After a remote country house takes on a malevolent persona and kills 11-year-old Neve’s family, no one believes her claim that her home is to blame. As cops look for human killers and friends take care of Neve, a hidden violence continues to build.

Nightmare Factory
Using the career of makeup effects guru Greg Nicotero as a case study, this documentary gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the crucial role Hollywood makeup departments play in bringing horror movies to life on the silver screen.

Revelation Road 2
This action-rich sequel follows Josh McManus through a broken landscape back to his home, with a vicious gang of vengeful killers in hot pursuit. Passed over by the rapture prophesied in the Bible, Josh must choose between violence and faith.

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Itty Bitty Titty Committee
Set in Los Angeles, this sardonic indie comedy helmed by Jamie Babbit follows the exploits of Anna (Melonie Diaz), a lesbian and plastic surgeon’s receptionist who embarks on a wild ride when she joins a cadre of ultraradical feminists. But things get complicated when she falls in love with the group’s leader (Nicole Vicius), who’s already involved with someone (Melanie Mayron). Carly Pope and Lauren Mollica also star.

In this fascinating and fabulous documentary, go behind the scenes as 52 men don makeup, wigs, gowns, heels and perfectly placed padding to vie for one crown. They all may be masters at the art of illusion, but only one will be Miss Gay America.

The Croods
When an earthquake obliterates their cave, an unworldly prehistoric family is forced to journey through unfamiliar terrain in search of a new home. But things for pessimistic dad Grug go from bad to worse when his daughter meets a clever cave boy.

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