American Idol winner Jordin Sparks doesn’t stress about her figure.

“I hike when I’m at home,” the singer, 19, says. “I ride bikes, and I eat healthy.”

How does she deal with the pressure to be thin?

“I’m all up for working out and being healthy and eating right, but I don’t have to be a size four and I’ll never be a size four,” the Arizona native says. “If I ever get to that, you have permission to say ‘Jordin, what the heck is wrong with you?’ because I would blow over.”

She adds, “I just think we’re always going to be concerned about it, and we’re always going to be obsessed with it, but it’s really sad – especially when I see a four-year-old who doesn’t want to wear a jacket because she thinks she looks fat. She’s four! That should not be happening.”

Jordin wouldn’t change a thing about her body.

“I love the way I look. I love my curves, I love being able to fill out a dress and be like ‘Yeah, I look really good today.’ But I do have my days where I feel like ‘I really wish I could stay inside right now.’”

Has the No Air singer ever tried a crazy diet?

“My mom raised me pretty good, and was always like ‘eat in moderation’ and everything is really good. My dad, I mean, he played football, so we’ve always been a really active family, but I’ve never done a crazy crash diet thing. Those are always really scary, bad for you, bad for your health.”

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