I’m a fan of Jennifer Lopez the actress, the singer is ok, although I
can’t admit to knowing a song off-hand with the exception of Jenny from
the Block and as a designer, I never paid much attention -until now.

I went with my friends from Flirt! Cosmetics to hang out backstage at
the show for J.Lo’s fashion week debut of her latest line
JustSweet. As they made the models glamorous with lots of glitter
and acquamarine shadows, that make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury told me
was, “Very dreamy, fun, youthful and a little bit of disco, all the
things that Jennifer is,” I watched as Jennifer, also there nearly
three hours early, oversaw all the details- from how the curlers were
set in the models hair to the application of the peachy Flirt Squeeze
Me gloss.

While her husband Marc Anthony supportively stood by her side during
the run-through performance, he hung back sipping a Bud Select while
she posed for photos and talked about her latest collection.

Jennifer was wearing an emerald green dress from the collection because
she said, “What kind of business woman would I be if I wasn’t,” and
said the dress, “Personifies the collection- bright colors, young and

She said the collection was the “answer to the middle” between the
casual J.Lo, which is “more jeans” and Sweetface, which is more
high-end. She described the line’s versatility saying not only does it
“make older women look young and younger women look chic,” but is great
for when you want a dress to wear with flip-flops during the day for
lunch with the girls and then just switch to stilettos to go out at

After seeing the show I must admit I loved nearly every piece. This
line, all priced between $49-100, is very me, full of fun, comfortable
and cute frocks that indeed go from day to night- like I most often do.

At the end of the show Marc proudly blew Jennifer kisses from the front row. It was really, just sweet.

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