Is Justin Bieber reaching out to Selena Gomez for help?

Justin's black Mercedes van was parked in the driveway at Selena's Calabasas, California, home on March 27. They holed up inside for about an hour before leaving separately.

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The two broke up over the holidays, and Selena, 20, really seems to be relishing the single life. She even admitted to David Letterman that she made her 19-year-old ex-boyfriend cry.

Justin does seem to be taking the breakup really hard, and he's been involved in a lot of odd incidents lately.

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On just his recent trip to London, Justin was late to his concert, and he collapsed onstage.

The singer also chose to go out—while wearing a gas mask.

And JB's bodyguard had to restrain him when he went after an onlooker who upset him on the street.

Justin tried to explain away his behavior not long after. "I'm growing up finding myself while having people watch me and criticize me everyday I think I'm doing pretty damn good," he wrote on Instagram.

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Is he really doing that well? When Justin returned got home, he allegedly threatened his 47-year-old neighbor and spit in his face after the guy complained about Justin's erratic driving in their gated community on March 26. He denies it happened, but the police are investigating.

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So can Selena talk some sense into Justin now that they've reconnected for the first time since they split? Time will tell. But if she can't, somebody should.

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