With parts in films like Alpha Male and Black Snake Moan, pop superstar Justin Timberlake has managed to put together a respectable resumé of on-camera roles. But it’s actually JT’s goofball hosting gigs on Saturday Night Live that he loves the most.

"It really is an amazing forum to throw creativity at the world," Justin tells Entertainment Tonight in an interview set to air Friday night. "I really do adore the writers and the cast. It’s the best $5,000 you can make!"

JT found himself so caught up in the creative spirit while prepping for last week’s appearance as SNL host that he and Andy Samberg were inspired to crank out their latest digital short — the raunchy ode to Mother’s Day, "Motherlover" — in only a couple of days. "We sat together Tuesday night and wrote the song," he recalls. "And Thursday we recorded it."

Looking back on his career path, Justin says that he can imagine himself having at least tried to go the sketch comedy route. "If I wouldn’t have been lucky enough to have the profession I have, I probably would have gone through [improv comedy troupe and school] Upright Citizens Brigade and tried to become a cast member on SNL," he tells ET.

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