Can you believe it’s Labor Day next weekend? The remaining days of summer are precious, so Real Housewives of New Jersey star and columnist Kathy Wakile is sharing her favorite summer entertaining tips. Try ’em out before it’s too late!

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OK!: What is left on your summer bucket list?

Kathy Wakile: I’d definitely like to start using my backyard. We have a great backyard with a pool. My husband is telling me he wants to go camping. Just relax, spend sometime with the kids at home and catch up with our friends while I am making desserts all day.

OK!: What is your ultimate summer meal?

KW: My ultimate summer meal is lots of produce from the garden. Eggplant, fresh tomatoes. Light and easy. A lot of fresh basil. A nice grilled piece of steak or piece of fish. A nice chicken breast on the grill, a great salad. That’s what I love about summer: taking advantage of the bright flavors that are readily available to us.

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OK!: What’s your favorite food to grill? Do you grill anything strange?

KW: I grill pizza and I make little crespelle. They are crepes but they are Italian style and made on the grill. We top them with fruit and cheese. It’s a dessert, but it has a savory flavor to it. Stay tuned for those because they will be in my cookbook!


OK!: What do you bring to a barbeque?

KW: Appetizers and desserts are conducive to mingling. Appetizers, you can mix into the meal if you get there late. I love to bring little picking food. It’s just easy for parties.

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OK!: What do you think makes for the perfect summer party?

KW: A host and a hostess who are really excited for their guests to come over. That sets the tone. There is nothing worse than walking into a house and feeling their tension. I don’t care what you serve them. It could be cheese whiz on a cracker—if the host and hostess are in a good mood, and they are ready to invite you in with open arms and an open clear heart, you know you are going to have a good time. Music doesn’t hurt either!

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