She’s the incredible shrinking Kelly Osbourne! The reality show contestant, who made the final five on Dancing with the Stars, revealed Monday night she’s lost 20 lbs from taking part in the grueling series.

Kelly (who confessed exclusively to OK! in late October that she dropped 14 lbs) is even slimmer as she enters week eight of the hit ABC show. “I think it’s almost 20 lbs now,” Kelly said. “I’m f****** starving right now!”

Her dance partner and close friend, Louis Van Amstel, said the weight loss is even more dramatic than that: “Her muscles have gotten stronger, too, they become heavier. So, even if it might have been just 20, it really feels like 30 or 35 to me ’cause she’s fading in front of my eyes.”

Louis said when he looks at DWTS clips from just four weeks ago, he can tell the difference in Kelly’s size. Backstage after the show, he told her: “I saw the samba and I’m like, you’re not even the same person.”

Kelly, 25, recently told OK! in addition to dancing, she and Louis are attending Pilates classes together to stay in shape. And she’s also been following a healthy diet and giving up her favorite sugary sodas.

By Carole Glines

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