Kylie Jenner is tired of rumors about her faceand how or why her lips are so big. But there’s another Jenner sister who has an “obsession with her face.”

A source close to Kendall Jenner revealed the model’s secret beauty routine to exclusively and how she gets her flawless complexion. The 18-year-old uses egg whites on her face for an “instant facelift!”

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“She heard Kate Middleton does it,” the insider told OK! “She swears her skin is tighter and if she’s tired it gives her an instant lift.”

The insider said Kendall cracks an egg, takes out the yolk and “smears the egg white on her skin.” She leaves it on for 10 minutes “until it’s dry and washes it off with cold water.”

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The budding supermodel has a secret regimen for how she gets her hair so shiny, too, and it requires a bit of recycling.

“To keep her hair shiny she uses the conditioner that you get with home hair dye kits,” the source told OK! “They’re extra strong as they condition your hair after it’s been dyed.”

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Kendall leaves it on for twenty minutes then rinses it out for luscious locks.

She also busts her butt in the gym, which helps keep her body in incredible shape as well as making her skin glow. Kendall posted a video of her insane workoutsome serious squats and abs—showing she’s a strong as she is fit!

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