Lady Starlight made her name while being the opening act for her best friend Lady Gaga and was heavily involved in the creating the singer's outlandish style.


And now stepping out into her own light as a musical performer and DJ, Lady Starlight is also hands on with The Fame Monster's Born This Way Foundation and the new Born Brave Bus which is a touring drop-in center to help those affected by bullying.


Lady Starlight spoke to OK! exclusively about her involvement, working with her best friend and a fun insight into being on tour with one of the most influential figures of our generation.

OK!: You are an integral part of Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation 'Born Brave Bus' tailgate tour – what will be your involvement?
Lady Starlight: I’m very proud to be a part of such an amazing and important social campaign. As a unique person, I was bullied badly as a teen. To be able to help youth overcome similar experiences is so wonderful. At the concerts I DJ at the tailgate party and meet and chat with the fans. True happiness can only come when you live your life loving and believing in who you are, so when I hear from a fan that I helped them do this it’s the best thing ever.
OK!:  Gaga recently wrote an open letter to Kelly Osbourne for negative comments on celebrities – do you think our culture has become mean especially with cyber bullying? What do you think we can do to overcome that?
LS: This is just a symptom of a much larger problem. Social commentary and artistic criticism used to be filtered through writers/journalists who were professional. The well-read ones proved to be thoughtful and intelligent through the body of their work. While it is amazing that everyone has true free speech via the internet, the majority of commentary now is unintelligent, impulsive and emotional. This is obviously not good. Any kind of restrictions put on free speech would have worse consequences than bullying. The only thing we can do about it is work on ourselves as individuals. If you have good values and self-esteem, you won’t feel compelled to engage in negative commentary.
OK!: You have a very unique performance style – where do you draw your inspiration from?
LS: I’ve always been compelled by some force to be a performer. My whole vision and aesthetic is fueled by music. I’ve used fashion, dance, theater and obviously my own music to express my passions for the bands I’m passionate about. The music has transformed over time, but right now I’m inspired by 70’s progressive rock particularly Peter Hammill and Van Der Graaf Generator.
OK!: You have been very instrumental in Gaga's style – how do you come up with the ideas?
LS: With the exception of GaGa, there is nothing stylistically interesting in modern pop culture, so I’m always looking towards the past for inspiration. As I stated above music is the main source of my fashion ideas. But lately I’ve been drawing major inspiration from European fashion from the 1500’s-1800’s.
OK!: Gaga has had some crazy costumes – is it time to pull it back and go in a different direction now?
LS: Hell no! Anyone who follows their own unique aesthetic will be labeled as looking crazy. So to stop doing this would be to stop believing in yourself.
OK!: You are part of Gaga's Born This Way Ball tour – any crazy stories from the tour so far?
LS: The craziest moment was actually my very first show in New Zealand. I have a vaudeville style mini stage that I do my costume changes in. We hadn’t quite figured out the flow, so on the very first change the curtains opened when I was naked! Priceless..

Lady Starlight is going to be appearing at Viper Room in West Hollywood on Sunday January 20. For more details click HERE.

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