We find this hard to believe, but Leighton Meester says her new song “Somebody to Love” is all about how she’s unlucky when it comes to love. “It feels like sexy and it’s a perfect reflection of what my life is like,” she tells PopEater of her first single. “I was making a joke, because so much of the time I confuse love with sex and my whole song is about how I can’t get any.”

Leighton does realize how lucky she is to be a singer and an actress, a crossover which doesn’t always go well.

“I never thought, ‘I’m an actress who’s going to do music,’ she explains. “I’ve always felt like I was both. And I’ve been so far very lucky in both.

Combining her two worlds took some effort for Leighton, she admits.

“The hours are different … I’ll have like a 5AM call on set and I’ll talk to somebody from music at noon and they’ll be like, ‘I’m just hanging out the studio,’ and I’m like ‘Lucky you, I’ve been working for 12 hours already.’  ”

Those two sides of her career will come together soon, as Leighton reveals “Somebody to Love” will be played during Gossip Girl in episode 9. So keep your ears peeled!

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