The suicidal Tweets starting Sunday night from an account named “themichaellohan” were not made from Lindsay Lohan‘s father Michael Lohan. Though many entertainment blogs assumed the account was authentic, PopEater reports that the overly chatty celeb dad has never had a Twitter account.The fake Michael Tweeted, “fiance just left me. my family hates me, i spent Thanksgiving with my mom i just cant do any of this any more.”

The Tweets also said, “death of father put me in a black hole IDK what to do,” and that he was, “heading to the brooklyn bridge.”

One was even sent to Lindsay’s Twitter account writing, “@lindsaylohan, love you b ye.”

The tweets have all since been removed from the page, but can viewed at AllielsWired.

Michael has always been quite outspoken, causing many sites to believe the Tweets, but gossip blog Shabooty apparently received an email from Michael disputing the Tweets.

“This is not not not me,” Michael allegedly wrote to the site. “I do not have and never had a twitter and twitter’s corporate office confirms that. My lawyers are investigating.”

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