Here’s how Uma Thurman describes her role in the new film Motherhood: “I play just an average, everyday mother,” she says. “It’s a beautiful human slice of life.”


Now here’s a slice from the real life of Uma, mom to Maya, 10, and Levon Roan, 7. It was Jan. 15 and Uma, 39, was flying from New York’s JFK Airport to Salt Lake City, bound for the Sundance Film Festival. “Uma got to the gate before the plane was supposed to  board,” a passenger tells OK!. “She dropped her bags, left her kids with two nannies, went to the nail salon across the way and got a massage. I couldn’t believe it. We were waiting
for Uma Thurman to get her massage.”


Once airborne, the source says, Uma “started doing stretches, bends and yoga poses in the aisle.” Uma reached Salt Lake City, but apparently not nirvana. Although her rep denies this incident occured, the source says, “Her car was late. I saw her cussing up a storm and chain-smoking in front of her children.”

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