As you can tell if you’ve been reading our exclusive column, Officially Omarion, Omarion’s got a lot going on these days as he preps for his new album, Sex Playlist. So for this week’s feature, we wanted to ask Omarion exactly what he does on a daily basis, which turns out to be studio time, shopping, working out and more. Here’s a play-by-play of Omarion’s day in his words, where he also reveals the posse he records with, his breakfast of choice and more:

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Top of the day, that’s brushing your teeth. You don’t want morning breath throughout the whole day! Most of the time I then hop on some calls to talk to my team. Then I go to the gym. Right now I’m in the fat burning stage so I don’t want to eat too many carbs in the morning. I want to have something small like a grapefruit or two little tangerines. I run for about an hour, burn about 5 or 600 calories. After the gym I get home, go on the internet, tweet, Instagram. Most of the time throughout my day I like to keep it light. Go to the mall or drop by a friend’s house, go talk with my family. And then after that it’s studio. Studio is kind of a process. It’s like an all day thing.

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We’re on pretty much the last leg of creating and finishing the album. Now it’s the fun part. We call it post-production. For instance, my very famous jazz playing uncle named Gerald Albright came down to the studio and did some riffs at the end of the title song, “Sex Playlist,” that are amazing. So it really feels like classic R&B.

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In the studio with me are usually the engineer, the producers, my A&R (which stands for artists & repertoire), my road dogs. We have various moments where we don’t focus on the music and we laugh and talk about political issues or women or about the song. And we’re in the studio all night, usually until 1 or 2 am. I’m still going to wake up at 9 or 10 in the morning though. I’m just programmed like that. Even if I go to sleep late I’m still going to wake up early.


Apryl likes to stay out of the studio for whatever reason but sometimes she’ll pop in and say hi. But for the most part she kinda just lets me do my work. But the studio we’re working out of right now, it’s complimentary of labels so a lot of other Atlantic artists work at the studio as well. So I might see Ty Dolla Sign or other artists that are working too, so we’ll drift from room to room and go hear what they’re working on. But no matter who else is in there,  it’s a collective all the time.

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We just get the vibes. We usually listen to what we’ve been working on. We’re engulfing ourselves in the vibe and creating.

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