Supernatural has the best fans in the world. Don't believe me? Just check out the ongoing race in the OK! TV Awards, where the Supernatural fans are winning the "Craziest Fan Base" award with a properly nuts 94% of the votes. Out-crazying Pretty Little Liars fans is pretty impressive!

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It only seemed right to turn to a fan to help us prep for tonight's finale of Supernatural. The staff behind the popular fan site Winchester Bros filled us in on everything you need to know!

OK!: What should viewers know before tonight's finale?

To expect a huge, heartwrenching cliffhanger that will traumatize fans over the summer hiatus!

OK!: Do you have any predictions?

The episode title is "Sacrifice," and Supernatural always writes with multiple meanings and situations in their seasonal storylines, so we predict this episode will put Sam, Dean, Castiel and probably others, into a situation where at least one (or more) of them will need to sacrifice something–or someone–very personal to them.

OK!: What do you hope will happen, and what do you not want to happen?

We hope that Sam going through the trials will finally make him feel that he's made up for a lifetime of feeling different, feeling unclean and "wrong" because of the demon blood. We hope that Sam and Dean will work together, that their bond as brothers will overcome any trial or demonic horror thrown at them, because they're stronger as a family. We don't want Crowley to become human, he's too good at being bad. We don't want Naomi to win. We want Castiel to realize that he's made a mistake by trusting Metatron, and to put his faith in Dean, who's always been right there for him, no matter what.

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