The new season of Total Divas aired and it packs quite a punch! got a chance to chat with Eva Marie about what she’s learned being on a reality TV show, maintaining relationships, and how she keeps up her trademark fiery red hair!

“Keeping this red hair is not simple,” she explained. Eva has to dye it every 3 and half weeks because she has very dark hair naturally. And her social media fans definitely keep her in check!

“I’ll put a deep conditioner in it and leave it wet with it wrapped up in a bun,” Eva said to keep her locks looking full and healthy.

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And of course Eva, 31, talked about hubby Jonathan Coyle and why he’s so important to her in this type of biz. “You have to have like an awesome significant other that’s extremely trusting and understanding because schedules are constantly changing,” she said.

When Eva’s job takes her on the road they FaceTime at night, say prayers together and talk about their days, maintaining an open line of communication.

Being a professional athlete and top wrestler in the WWE is stressful and a true commitment but the Diva’s Revolution happening at the company is “amazing.”

Eva told OK!, “Being a WWE Diva is all about women empowerment. So, the fact that we have women who are going out there and changing the game and kinda showing what it’s like to be a professional athlete and wrestler is amazing.”

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She really feels connected to her audience. “It’s all about inspiring and empowering little girls and teenagers and women,” Eva said. “I’m really, really proud to be a part of it.”

As for sharing a locker room and screen time with eight other women Eva revealed, “You’re going see kinda the typical chaos amongst women and plus I do my best this season to lay low and mend some relationships considering I was definitely an outcast or the villain or not a fan favorite last season.”

She explained, “I’m trying to mend some fences and build some bridges for sure this season.” #AllRedEverything

Total Divas airs every Tuesday at 9pm ET on E!

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