Listen up, y’all! Paula Deen recently spoke exclusively to OK! on what it was like to tape an episode of her popular show, Paula’s Party, with special guest Michelle Obama, airing on Sept. 20 on the Food Network. 

OK!: What was Michelle Obama like?


Paula: I was thrilled to have the opportunity to meet Michelle! She was everything I thought she would be – smart, great sense of humor and loves to talk about family.  Did I tell you she is in the best shape ever? Everyone was staring at her amazing arms!
OK!: What food did you make?


Paula: We made my favorite fried shrimp recipe. Let me tell you, that lady is a good eater!
OK!: Did you think Michelle is a good cook?


Paula: From what I could see, I can tell she spends time in the kitchen. She was very relaxed when we cooked together.
OK!: What do you think Michelle would make in the White House?


Paula: Well I know that Senator Obama loves his chili. Michelle shared with me that they love to entertain casually and family style. That’s my style too! I promised that I would make them my fried chicken if they move into the White House. Boy, would that be fun!

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