If you by chance get invited over Tim Gunns New York City apartment for a cup of joe around the holiday season, first, you should know I’ll be insanely jealous. But getting down to it, expect a festive atmosphere that not only encourages you to drink the brew of your dreams, but be the skilled barista that creates the coffee everyone is talking about. And if you get a tour of Tim’s suit collection, know that Beau Brummel inspired most of the stylish choices he wears today.


Coffee and impeccable style sounds like a pleasant combo—and that’s exactly what Tim’s partnership with Nespresso is all about. We caught up with the fashion guru and Project Runway star Tim Gunn inside Grand Central Terminal for a Nespresso pop-up boutique, where editors, ultimate Nespresso fans, and curious coffee-lovers alike can take a digital quiz that selects their favorite Grand Cru. Considering Tim Gunn hosted the event and is an avid coffee drinker, he had a few things to say.

OK! Magazine: So tell us why you love Nespresso?
Tim Gunn:
I’ve been a fan of Nespresso forever, and it’s an extraordinary brand with extraordinary coffee. I am a coffee drinker. I can’t get enough of it. So when they asked me whether I’d be interested in standing up for the brand, I said, ‘This is the easiest thing in the world because I live with a Nespresso machine.’ It’s what I begin my day with every day. It’s been a great joy and pleasure.

OK!: Do you have a favorite?
: Dulsão. I like them all, but can I tell you why I am speaking so confidently about it?

OK!: Yes, please do.
: I just took the quiz, and it popped up. I was so happy. I was a little apprehensive about taking the quiz. I thought, ‘what if something that’s not on the top of my list pops up?’ I thought I’d just keep taking the quiz again until I got it right! (laughs)

OK!: Coffee is a great entertaining drink. Do you have any entertainment tips that everyone should know?
TG: I put all the Grand Crus in a big glass bowl, and I let people make their own. Whenever I have anyone over who hasn’t experienced Nespresso, they end up wanting to have a tasting. They go a little crazy, and I love it. Making cocktails with Nespresso is always very disarming for guests. They think, “What? Nespresso is at the base of this cocktail?” Yes! And then, of course, they love them.


OK!: So around holiday time they must be great.
: I live in a tiny New York apartment. I don’t have a tree. I don’t have wreaths. I fill large brandy-snifters with Nespresso Grand Crus. I separate them out though, rather than having multiple colors. They look very festive.

OK!: Since we’re talking about holidays, do you have any tips for go-to holiday fashion?
TG: There’s nothing better than a basic black dress. You can accessorize it for holidays with some color, but it’s fool-proof.  For men, just wear any suit. I don’t care what it is. You can wear it with an open collar, but for holidays, I think it’s nice to dress up. But I always say, stay away from clothing that’s branded for the holidays. It’s too limiting. Do you really want it taking up space in your closet? I speak from a family that has more holiday sweaters than I could possibly list.

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OK!: I actually have your Fashion Bible, which is lovely. In the book, you talk about origins of fashion. Is there a particular time period that’s your favorite?
: I have several periods. For menswear, the middle of the 19th century, thanks to Beau Brummel. I wouldn’t be dressed this way today if it weren’t for Beau Brummel. In terms of recent fashion, it’s the 1960s. We usher in with the Kennedys, we usher out with the hippies and people not wearing underwear. You go from being tailored and very buttoned up to suddenly letting them all hang out. In-between those two polarities, we have the paper dress, the vinyl dress, and the bikini. After the 60s, I don’t think anything in fashion could shock. Sorry, Lady Gaga!

OK!: Do you have a celebrity you are on watch with right now? Like she’s doing everything right?
You know, I am in awe of Anne Hathaway. I really am. She knows how to dress, and she knows how to be occasion-appropriate. She looks just as good when she’s shot by the paparazzi going into Trader Joe’s as she does on the red carpet.

Do you want to try out the Nespresso Grand Crus? When I took the quiz, my perfect Grand Cru was the Carmelito! Tweet us your thoughts @OKMagazine and leave a comment below.

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