Up until only a few years ago, Little Women was my all-time favorite movie. Does this seem strange that my pick was a time period piece? I'm not going to lie—I used to be really embarrassed to admit that out of all the movies in the world, that one would be my first choice. It's the honest truth. I can still quote just about every line in the movie.

"Jo, how could you? Your one beauty!" 

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Amy, hello! You don't say such things to your sister! Amy—actually, make that Kirsten Dunst—is kind of the main reason I love this tear jerker. It just so happens that today is Kirsten Dunst's 31st birthday, making it the perfect excuse to rant about much she rocks in some of my favorite flicks. 

In Little Women, she no doubt played an annoying character that was bold enough to burn her sister's manuscript and say she was only interested in marrying rich. I mean, seriously, that takes some guts. Kirsten nailed her one-liners, too. And all that lime business? Only Kirsten could confidently take us back to a time where limes would cause a schoolyard cat fight. 

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My obsession with Little Women subsided when Marie Antoinette was released. Funny, eh? Another time period piece where Kirsten Dunst mastered the personality of her character. I was so in love with this film that I wrote my junior year research paper on Marie Antoinette and her many problems. Kirsten Dunst was SO perfect in this movie. The clothes, the food, the parties! She barely talked throughout the entire film and managed to make you feel bad for the queen that so many people disliked. 

Alright, here's my non-historical favorite. No one can deny the quality of an action-packed Ryan Gosling movie. Any time he's shirtless is pretty cute too. All Good Things stars my celeb crush and the birthday gal! It's way more suspenseful than I'm usually game for, but it won me over within the first 15 minutes. I do have one suggestion that I personally feel would have made it a tad better. Who thinks Ryan Gosling should have said, 'Hey Girl'? Me. Me. Me. 

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