Breaking into Hollywood is pretty tough. Well, it is for most, but not Abigail Hargrove. The 14-year-old's first big acting job is in World War Z, in which she's fending off zombies alongside none other than Brad Pitt. She talked to about hanging with the A-lister and his kids, as well as those terrifying zombies.

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OK!: Where are you from, and why did you want to become an actress?

Abigail Hargrove: I am from Dallas, TX. My sisters, I have four of them who are older than me, wanted to become actresses and models before I ever did. So once we all came out here to California, they auditioned for agents and one of my sisters booked a job for a commercial. I went with them and it was so fun, and I realized it was what I wanted to do.

OK!: So your sisters must be so jealous that your first project is with Brad Pitt! How did they react?

AH: They were amazed and so happy for me. Definitely no jealousy between us. My two eldest sisters and my mom came on set and they got to meet Brad.

OK!: What was it like to work with Brad? Were you nervous to meet him?

AH: I was very, very nervous to meet him. Once I met him, though, I found he’s a fantastic guy. Really nice and great with us kids on set. Really fun.

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OK!: Did you get to meet any of Brad’s kids?

AH: Yes I met all of them! They took turns coming to set. So adorable. He is definitely a great dad to them. They love him so much.

OK!: Do you have any plans to stay in touch with Brad or the family now that you’re done filming?

AH: A little bit with his sons. We go to do some of that stuff. We were going to possibly see a movie the other day but we weren’t able to do that so hopefully we’ll be able to do that at another time.

OK!: I feel like everyone’s so interested by their family.

AH: They were really easy to get to know. None of them were crazy running around the set or anything. They’re very sweet.

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OK!: Were you ever up close with any of the zombies?

AH: Yes. A couple times. Up close they still look kind of horrifying, actually. They have all this makeup and blood dripping down and they’re pretty scary.

OK!: What kind of project would you like to work on next?

AH: I would probably like to work on a scary movie again. They’re just so much fun. I love scary movies. I don’t really like to just sit and watch a movie—I like to jump and interact with the movie.

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