Today's OK! Old School is a pretty fun one for anyone who went to any sort of party in the years 2000-2010. Bar Mitzvahs, college parties, graduation parties, weddings, whatever, odds are that these 13 songs played at one or all of those events. And I'm here to help you relive all those amazing moments.

Watch: One Hit Wonder Pop Rock Songs from the 2000's

Check out the best one-hit-wonder party songs of the 2000's below, and BTW, it's not my fault if you start dancing at your computer and get in trouble by your boss or teacher. I take no responsibility. Moving right along…

Watch: One Hit Wonder Girl Songs from the 2000's

Eiffel 65—"Blue." In 2000 when this song came out you probably didn't know the correct lyrics and probably still don't, but what I do know now is that this song was played at every single party that year and a few subsequent years after. It's just such a classic.

Alice DJ—"Better Off Alone." Do you think you're BETTER OFF ALOOOOONE. Don't lie, you belted this one out at the club (slash…Bar Mitzvah) in 2000. I'm also guilty.

Soul Decision—"Faded." This song is really raunchy, but it's also really really great. Add Soul Decision to the list of lost boy bands but add this song to the list of best dance songs EVA.

ATC—"All Around The World (La la la la la)." The choreography in this music video is just so great (and so 2001). There's not much else to say about this song except that right now as I'm listening to it while I'm writing this I'm dancing in my seat.

The Wiseguys—"Start the Commotion" For some reason I think I'm getting this song from 2001 confused with the one that they featured in Space Jam, but this song is still awesome. 

Dirty Vegas—"Days Go By." Truthfully I wasn't so into this song because it's a bit too techno for my taste, but I just had to include it because it just reminds me of childhood and also Dirty Vegas is a fantastic name for a band.

DJ Sammy—"Heaven." The Sammi we all know and love now is of the sweetheart type, but Sammy the DJ pretty much rocked back in 2002. Remember this one?

Lumidee—"Never Leave You." This song is essentially terrible, but "Uh oh…uh oh.." I mean, it just brings back so many mems.

Kevin Lyttle—"Turn Me On." I was on a summer teen tour in Israel when this song came out (now do all the Bar/Bat Mitzvah references above make sense?) and I remember having beach parties in Tel Aviv with this song playing in the background. Please take me back to that time, thanks.

D.H.T—"Listen to Your Heart." Ok fine, this song isn't exactly a dance party jam, but I just had to include it because it reminds me of graduation parties since it came out in 2005 when I graduated high school. Oldie but a goodie.

Gnarls Barkley—"Crazy." Yes, I know that Gnarls Barkley now exists in the form of Cee-Lo Green, but Gnarls Barkley is now defunct so this counts as a one-hit-wonder.  This 2006 song is a gem.

Shop Boyz—"Party Like a Rockstar."  I don't think one frat party went by during my sophomore year of college that didn't play this jam. Nope, confirmed. Not one.

Asher Roth—"I Love College." I remember when Asher Roth came out in 2009 I thought he sounded like Eminem, so I was a fan. Also, he was and still is managed by Scooter Braun, who also manages Justin Bieber, so that's also why I was a fan. I graduated college a month after this  college staple came out so it makes me sad when I think about it.

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