Jessica Simpson and her hubby, Eric Johnson, are celebrating the first birthday of their adorable daughter, Maxwell. Mazal tov. But amid that happy baby news and their soon-to-be baby boy, I feel like people forget that before Jess was a mom and a fashion designer and a mogul, she was a pop star.

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Take a look at my five favorite Jessica Simpson songs ever as today's OK! Old School, and then tell me that you prefer Jessica as an actress than as a singer. Dare you.

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"I Wanna Love You Forever." Jess started off her career with this gem in 1999. I remember I saw her perform with 98 Degrees that same year and I was like, umm who is this girl, but now I know the answer to that question and really wish I got her autograph.

"Irresistible." In 2001, Jess showed us she had a bit of an edge to her with this single and music video. I mean, leather crop tops always prove that point.

"With You." Two years later in 2003, Newlyweds was basically the biggest show on MTV. This song was about how much she loved Nick Lachey and it also made fun of all her dumb on-screen comments, but I liked it because it was just a really great song.

"Those Boots Are Made for Walkin'" in 2005, Jessica Simpson was really hot. The Dukes of Hazzard was a terrible movie, but she looked amazing in those Daisy Dukes. Nobody will ever dispute that fact.

"Public Affair." In 2006, Jess enlisted the help of tons of her famous friends to make her music video for this song. Ryan Seacrest, Andy Dick and Maria Menounos make appearance as do tons of others, so basically this video is just the greatest thing ever.

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