Seriously though, it's not like we could be more excited for the Girl Meets World reboot (and our Google+ hangout with Topanga). But now, another one of our favorite 90's shows, Home Improvement, is coming back! Slash not at all. What we meant to say is that Jonathan Taylor Thomas is joining his former TV dad on-screen for a guest stint on the season finale of Tim Allen's show, Last Man Standing.

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Here's JTT on tonight's episode, called "College Girls." Yup, still got it.

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Our favorite line of the episode? When Tim's character says to Jonathan's character, "MAN, you look familiar." Or that other line where Jon's character makes a joke about how the middle child is the best one, since JTT's character, Randy, was the middle bro in between Brad and Mark on Home Improvement. Good times. If only there was a Lion King joke thrown in, too…

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Be sure to tune into Last Man Standing tonight at 8pm on ABC to see Tim and JTT together again! Was JTT your 90's crush too? Did you love all three Home Improvement bros? Tweet us @OKMagazine!

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